3.   Fairy Abbey and the Wand Adventure

In this fairytale adventure, Fairy Abbey comes for a birthday visit when she notices that her tricky pixie friends have played a joke on her and hidden parts of her wand all over Fairyland. Fairy Abbey knows that her magic will not work without her wand and asks the birthday fairy or wizard and all of their friends to come on a fun adventure through Fairyland where they will complete the pixie’s cheeky games to get the pieces of her wand back. The first game is to dance and sing and when the music stops you must freeze like a pixie...or maybe even a fairy or wizard! The second game is to search for a piece of the wand in Treasures Lair.... but beware: there are lots of sparkly jewels down there! The third game is to cross Lollypop mountain with musical lollypops. Who will be the last lollypop left? Then off to Crafty Hill where the fourth game is for all the fairies and wizards to make magical wands or swords and help Fairy Abbey get some of her magical power back. Next, it’s a fun pixie treat of face painting!!! Then, either wacky Wizard Herman will come along with his tricks and spells to make the wand whole again... (with help from the young fairies and wizards of course!) Or the birthday fairy or wizard, along with their guests, will help Fairy Abbey find the last piece of her wand with a game of magical Fairyland colouring. Then the birthday fairy or wizard have the special job of helping Fairy Abbey make her wand whole again so her magic returns and she can fly home to Fairyland...

* This adventure package is recommended for kinder to school age fairies and wizards. They will delight in being asked to come on such an important adventure and will take pride in accomplishing the tasks to regain the pieces of the wand. They will become curious about little pixies and how pieces of the wand magically appear and will love seeing Fairy Abbey’s wand whole again.