2.    Fairy Abbey has lost her way home to Fairyland

In this adventure fairytale adventure party Fairy Abbey has come for a birthday visit when she discovers that she has lost parts of her map to get home all over fairyland. Fairy Abbey asks the birthday fairy or wizard and their guests to come on an adventure with her through fairyland to find all the pieces of the map. The fairies and wizards begin their journey by tiptoeing quietly through the Silent woods in a game of musical statues before heading into Treasure Gully for a treasure hunt where there are jewels and riches for all good fairies and wizards. Then they make their way through the Musical animal forest with instruments and wacky dancing. Then it is into the daisy fields where there is singing and lots of adventure. Next the fairies and wizards make magical crafty masks to get through the Haunted Hills and become gorgeous creatures with face painting. Then the fairies and wizards pass the parcel on Rainbow Mountain and  then limbo into dreamland, where all the fairies and wizards see how low they can go. From here the fairies and wizards either meet Wacky Wizard Herman to get some much needed directions, or skip straight to the end of the story. At the end of the story, when all the pieces of the map have been found, the birthday fairy or wizard and their guests do some wonderful magic to make Fairy Abbey’s map whole again so she can get home.

* This adventure package is recommended for kinder and school fairies and wizards. They will love being able to use their imaginations and problem solving skills to help Fairy Abbey find her map pieces and return to Fairyland. The birthday fairy or wizard will love having such an exciting and special job to do on their birthday.